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Edmonton Trekkies [ET] (Level 134) has one open docking bay!

ADM Fletcher [ET]ADM Fletcher [ET] ✭✭✭
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Edmonton Trekkies is a quiet, but friendly and helpful, group of players. Our Starbase is full up at level 134 (and is named Starbase Laika, in honor of the first doggo in space). There is no minimum spending requirement, and no mandatory Fleet tag. We do have a Fleet tag, if you wish to use it, please do! [ET]

To join our Fleet you must have a unique Captain name, be level 20 or better, and log in a minimum of once per week. Daily players are preferred. Participate in all or no events, it's your choice. In exchange for a relaxed Fleet to hang in, all Captains are expected to log in and complete their daily missions. Doing your dailies benefits everyone!

We are able to beat Ultra Nightmare in Fleet Boss Battles and have a number of Officers coordinating our attacks. Most of our participating FBB Captains are very close to Bridge Level 20. There's a new Captain's Bridge coming soon! Join a Fleet that will help you max it out!

We have a Discord server for FBB, chat, and game advice! It is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. We consistently place in the top 150 in events. Edmonton Trekkies is composed of Captains from all over the world; residency in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is not a requirement. We have a range of players from Beginner to Experienced. Do your daily missions, contribute to Fleet totals, and enjoy collecting the honor and ISM!

We currently have one open docking bay! Send a message to receive an invitation!

Hope to see you soon!
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