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Mariners looking for captains (level 134/max starbase)

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Mariners level 134 starbase, has spaces for captains.

No minimum Captain level.
No chat requirement.
No VIP level requirement.
Just play at least once every 7 days, or if real life requires a break from the game let squadron leader or admiral know.
Discord available for those who wish to join and discuss.
Regularly in top 100 events.
Help us kill the boss.


  • REG is the official recruiter for the fleet.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    We finished 93 in the light seekers event. Still looking for captains to join us.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Still 8 openings for captains, active fleet.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Still 7 openings for active players all levels
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Active playing only requirement, no minimum level, no VIP required.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Still 6 spots for captains
  • REGREG ✭✭
    5 spots for captains
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Full for now. Will update if openings occur.
  • Two slots available, now minimum Captain level 20, active fleet
  • Make that four openings
  • Now 7 openings for level 20 plus captains
  • Still openings for active captains, level 20 or above.
    Currently rank 152 in Mistress of the Mirror event.
  • Active player is only requirement. No VIP requirements. No requirement for chat outside of game, or even in game, however there is often chatter in fleet.
  • Looking for active captains
  • Rank 150 in In Taste Confounds, still Room for Captains
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Still room for captains, come join the mariners
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Spaces for 9 captains. Active squad in an inactive fleet, bring your whole squad.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    edited October 2020
    No VIP requirement, no pressure to play every day, just be playing at least once every 14 days.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Currently ranked 82 in the First Doctrines event. Come join us.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Six openings for captains
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Four openings for captains
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Currently 164 in His Vulcan Mind event, still 4 openings
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Full for now, will advise if free spots open up
  • REGREG ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    One captain spot available, level 20 or above
  • Full again, will advise if a new slot opens.
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Level 30 and above welcome
  • REGREG ✭✭
    Still two openings
  • I need a new fleet, play daily and complete all my tasks. I'm not competitive, if thats ok.
  • Just another red shirt. we have some who are some who aren't. I do like people to join a squadron so feel free to join.
  • I just joined, thank you.
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