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Upcoming "Prepare for Faction Event", iOS purchases, and forum sign-in - 2022-04-25

Greetings, Captains,

Today we want to update you on the following:

- Upcoming Objective Event “Prepare for Faction Event”

Thanks to your reports, last week we’ve identified an issue with the Gauntlet objective for this particular objective event.

We intend to temporarily change that objective to something else while we work on a fix, unfortunately we were not able to enact this change for the “Prepare for Faction Event” that will start this Tuesday at daily reset (5:00 UTC).

This means that some of you might encounter an issue where your gauntlet rounds are not counted properly.

If this happens please proceed with the event as you normally would, and do at least 20 gauntlet rounds. Once you’ve completed the event, reach out to Support.
Upon verification of the gauntlet rounds completed, the missing rewards will be granted.

- iOS Purchases (Europe)

We are aware of a purchasing issue affecting some of our players in Europe.
When making a purchase on iOS, if an additional verification is required, the purchase will likely fail on our end and will show a ‘failed purchase’ popup in-game

If this happens, please do not try the purchase again.
Verify your purchase history first to check if the purchase did go through on Apple's side.
If you've been billed and the purchase shows in your purchase history, please take a screenshot of it and contact our Support Team.

When contacting Support from within the game, you'll receive an email confirming that your ticket has been received. Replying to that email will allow you to attach your screenshot.

- Forum Sign In

There is currently an issue with the sign in process, it’s being investigated by our forum provider.
There is a workaround however:
- right click on the ‘Sign In’ button
- choose 'open in a new tab'
This should allow you to proceed normally.

We apologize for the inconvenience the above could cause you, we hope for a speedy resolution and thank you for your patience and understanding.

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