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Planning for development (my Legendary collection)

Hello everybody, I'm a new player. I've got some Legendaries and would like to discuss where to move next. Here is my collection:

Falcon O'Brien (2*) (SEC 1477/ CMD/ eng)
One (2*) (ENG 1392/ SEC)
Queen Guinevere Kira (5*+2*) (SEC 1490.5/ CMD)
Bell Riots Bashir (4*) (MED 1444/ DIP/ sec)
Borg Queen (2*) (CMD 1600/ DIP/ eng)
Mirror Inquisitor Troi (2*) (MED 1459/ DIP 1188/ sec)
Laborer Spock (2*) ( SCI 1444/ ENG 1201)
Gangster Spock (2*) (SEC 1382/ SCI/ eng)
Mirror Spock (2*) (SCI 1379/ CMD/ dip)
The Keeper (2*) (SCI 1478/ MED 1249/ cmd)
Bell Riots Jadzia Dax (2*) (DIP 1473/ ENG/ sci)
Convergence Day Quark (2*) (DIP 1401 / CMD 1305)
Rura Penthe Kirk (1*) (SEC 1631/ DIP 1254) (one star because I've miscalculated time and didn't get a "second star" offer)
Leutenant Wesley Crusher (1*) (ENG 1401/ SEC/ sci)
Durango Troi (1*) (SEC 1432/ CMD/ dip)

I've tried to cover all six attributes, so I will potentially have very strong SEC and CMD, pretty decent DIP and MED, SCI is somewhat weak (only The Keeper is really good), and really bad ENG. Yes, I've got two ENG crewmen, but they aren't good.

The question is: which of them to develop first? I've spent my first legendary citation on The Keeper, and guess it would be wise to develop him first. But who should be the next? Rura Penthe Kirk is awesome but he needs 4*, and that's a lot. Maybe I should immortalize Bashir first and get +1% ENG from Augment collection? Or upgrade Laborer Spock to "fill a hole" in ENG until I find somebody really good with ENG?


  • IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2018
    Personally out of portals maybe best to begin with or the one that will give you the most mileage.
    Finishing Bell Riots Bashir - would give the biggest stat increase for your next citation however we are also creeping closer to another mega event so it may be best to wait and see how good that legendary could be.

    Another Priority could be, perversely, your duplicate of Kira, again she is not in the regular portal, so finishing your 2/5 you can then Ice one of them to free up a slot.

    The other option is Bell riots Dax who again is not in the portal and has nice FF stats.

    After that point it's likely you will accumulate more and your priority list will change somewhat. But for now I would say wait if you have an extra citation to spare before the next mega event use it on Bashir.
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  • Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2018
    First of all I'd honestly advise sitting on your citation for a wee while longer. What I have done is note down whenever I use a crew member, so I can see which ones are actually most valuable to me. I also choose to put a citation on the mega event legendaries as soon as I can, and then I get as much use as possible out of them to the remainder of the event. I've only been playing since February, and only 3 of ours are the same, so I'll note which I use for you:

    since 1st July
    Falcon O'Brien - 1* FE - 9 voyages ~ 28 shuttles ~ 6 event shuttles
    The Keeper - 1* FE - 8 voyages ~ 3 shuttles ~ 1 event shuttle
    Bell Riots Bashir 5* FE - 22 voyages ~ 6 shuttle's ~ 1 event shuttle

    I find it very useful for purples too, more to see who I should freeze to make room. I invented a points system (5 points for a voyage and 1 point for a shuttle) and then I total up points to see which is needed. Last night for example, Age of Sail Larger Forge had 105 points (19 voyages and 10 shuttles) whereas Tuvix had just 5 points (1 voyage) so he was put in the freezer.

    I am not at all saying you have to start a points system (you could also embrace a spreadsheet, but as a trained admin assistant I like pencils more than pixels after a lifetime of spreadsheets and databases), my OH finds it all bit ridiculous and manages just fine without any of this palaver.
    I just think you should sit on your citation until you absolutely know for sure where its most useful. Everyone's game is a bit different, so I might recommend something that works for me but without knowing your game it might not be best for you. Plus, I planned for ages to put my next on Killy or Falcon but after the last skirmish event I just couldn't resist adding a third star to Large Forge <3


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  • Ishmael MarxIshmael Marx ✭✭✭✭✭
    A couple thoughts for you.

    First, I personally keep a minimum of 50K honor on hand, and don't actually spend any until I'm above 100K. Why? Because if I get to 100K and just gotta-add-a-star-right-now to somebody, and then a mega-event happens a week later, I'm still able to 2* the mega-crew in week 1 (w/o doing the DYC). This works for me, but since it sounds like you are happy to use the DYC mechanism, so be it.

    Second, consider what your goals are with respect to improving crew. Are you trying to maximize your voyages? Are you trying to complete the episode missions and have a node you can't clear yet? Are you trying to build a crew for event success? These goals are not mutually exclusive, but they have areas where they don't overlap.

    Your legendaries are mostly main cast, so you are already skewing to an event success strategy (main cast variants will be bonus crew more often than one-off crew, like One, Borg Queen, or Keeper). I would also advise against Gangster Spock for now (base scores too weak for event impact).

    If you are thinking about voyages, then focus on 3-skill crew. For as much mileage as I get out of my 4/5 Laborer Spock on voyages, I strongly suspect that when my 1/5 Honey Bare Jadzia gets up to 4 stars that she will kick him to the curb because of her third skill. Voyage-focus is where Borg Queen would be a great choice (unlike for events above).
  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I have three legendaries that aren’t immortalized. Theose three are all at 4 stars. I won’t cite them until I get to 150k honor because if I cite one then get him in a behold I will KICK myself. This way if I get one in a behold, I only need to get to 100k.
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