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Task Force Pike [TFA II] is now recruiting!

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Task Force Pike [TFA II] currently seeks motivated recruits to fill out its ranks!

About Us

Our fleet is a friendly, helpful, and active community of Trek fans. We maintain close ties to our parent fleet, Task Force April, and like our parent fleet, we strive for low drama and eventual high achievement.

We offer a low intensity alternative to our parent fleet, as well as providing the experience of several highly developed players to help out new players.

The goal of this fleet is a little different than our parent fleet. We strive to help new players achieve their goals, whether it be towards being competitive, or some other goal.

We also communicate exclusively ingame, so you don't have to worry about logging into Discord, Facebook, or some other chat client.

How to Join

Currently, there are only two recommendations we have for our fleet members

1. Changing your Captain's name to be something other than "Captain". It gets difficult telling who is who if there are ten different players named "Captain".

2. Participation in one of our squadrons, and adoption of the [TFA II] tag at the beginning of your in-game player handle. TFA II has no specific requirements for VIP, ships, or crew, we welcome players of all experience levels and factional intent.

Moreover, we welcome entire squads to join our fleet.

We also understand that you have lives outside of this game. If you need to take a week (or more!) sabbatical from ST: Timelines, that's okay, there's still a place in TFA II for you! Just let me or your squad leader know ahead of time.

If you think we sound like a good fit, feel free to reply to this thread, and/or send a personal message to me, [TFA II] Female Klingon Q. In your message, please provide a few details about yourself and your current crew progress. We look forward to welcoming you to our fleet!
Task Force Pike: We are recruiting!

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