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A Fleet made up of Former Military, Masons, Civil Servants and Like-Minded Adults, the D3VIL DOG5 are a social club who all play a common game. WE ARE competitive (at selected moments). Star Base currently at 106. If you are looking for camaraderie and support in your Trek through the Stars we might be a good choice. Level 60 Captains and above.

WE also maintain a sister fleet for training purposes. The Devil Pupz are always looking for Captains Level 30 and above, where you will be indoctrinated into the {DD} way and will have the opportunity to advance to the main Fleet. Star Base at 57.

Both fleets maintain a common private Facebook page for communicating strategies, tips and fleet related information and humor. We also run a side chat on MSN.

You can contact any of the following folks in game for more information:
Emperor Snakei {DD}
G'{DD}ay Mate
{DD} James
Captain Arduine {DD}
Chief Eu{DD}rick
Ghostmoradis {DD}
{DD} Tessa
{DD} ickiepoo
007 Jr. {DD}
Cpt Arduine jr {DD}
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