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Mega-event; the Cosmic Knights are MEGA-prepared!

Vice Admiral WolffVice Admiral Wolff ✭✭✭
edited July 2018 in Fleet Central
At one month old and Eighteen members strong, Cosmic Knights is a Top 400 fleet in every event!
Our dedicated members donate fully EVERY day and ensure daily targets as well as rapid starbase upgrades (Currently level 14 - the replicator and transporter room took some time 😉).

If you're interested in building a Top of the Line fleet alongside a group of hard working Captains, we have a place for you!
With a Mega incoming for the month of August, we are in maximum preparation mode. Our squads are working double-time to ensure the best shares possible and our officers are half dead of exhaustion strategizing on our team composition and Skirmish-readiness.
There is NO level requirement, NO mandatory number of shuttles, and NO out of game chat system. VIP 0 absolutely welcome (I myself and our other Vice Admiral Débora are F2P).

Contact one of our competent officers today! You can alternatively respond here or look us up in the fleet window.

Are YOU a Knight of the stars? ⚔️🌟⚔️
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