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10 Forward Loungers [10F] are recruiting - L109 Starbase


10F are a social fleet with a focus on daily targets and events. Operating out of a level 109 starbase, we have a group of 10 evenly balanced squads, each led by experienced and dedicated officers who believe wholeheartedly in sharing the benefit of our experiences.

Our joining requirements are straightforward:
  • - Be captain level 40 and above
  • - Join our Discord server
  • - Proudly wear our [10F] tag on your in-game username
  • - Give your best efforts during events
  • - Be active daily to donate to the starbase
  • - Let your squad leader know if you are going to take a few days off

You can find more information about the fleet on our website.

If you’re interested please join our Discord recruitment channel for a chat.

10 Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
Check out our website to find out more:
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