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Cosmic Knights, top 252 Fleet RECRUITING!

Vice Admiral WolffVice Admiral Wolff ✭✭✭
edited August 2018 in Fleet Central
Mega event ongoing with a full Faction event on the horizon, you don't want to be without a squad in the battle to claim Admiral Ross and Polywater Yar!

Our fleet works tirelessly to build powerful squads with strong Teamwork and great leadership. Fleet members donate daily to our starbase, ensuring benefits for all!

There is NO level requirement, NO out of game chat, whether you have two shuttles or a hundred we want your effort, your ambition, and your fighting spirit!

Become a Cosmic Knight today and enjoy the benefits of strong community and cooperation!

Are YOU a Knight of the Stars? ⚔️🌟⚔️


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    Are you still looking for new members?
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    Feel free to look us up in the fleet management window. Search for Cosmic Knights. Our Admiral is Cosmic Squirrel Henry. His avatar is the Species 8472 Invader.

    Drop in or send us a message if you have any questions. We'd love to meet you 😎
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    Vice Admiral WolffVice Admiral Wolff ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018
    In last week's Skirmish (Mega-event week 3), the Cosmic Knights pulled off a SCARY Fleet Rank of 252!!!

    Now grown to 20 members and having just finished our next Replicator upgrade, (Starbase level 17!) we're still looking for more Knights to meet the challenge of the August Mega-event week 4. We're hopping out of our skins for this one: a new, highly accessible Martok 2* and FINALLY Ika'Tika!! Remember, it's a hybrid Faction/Galaxy - you don't want to be caught without a squad when the shuttles start flying!

    Join the Cosmic Knights today and start flying with the Galaxy's Mightiest Warriors!

    Are YOU a Knight of the Stars?!
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