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{DD}3VIL'S REJECTS squad opening/D3VIL DOG5 Fleet/Starbase lvl 108

Would like to fill one spot before before next event. Lost a man and changed our name but we're consistently a top 50 squad (27th last event i think) in a consistently top 20 fleet (17th last event). We get golds when we want golds. If that sounds like you and you're in a dying fleet, PM me. Must be cool, daily player, chatty preferred.


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    {DD} Smelly{DD} Smelly ✭✭✭✭✭
    Still looking for that missing piece to restore our squad to our former glory. We do NOT have a fixed squad leader, so everybody gets a chance for share points. Fair and diplomatic. Current captain levels 60/60/70/71. It feels good being in a squad listed on the first page of the leaderboards week after week. Looking for someone who can help us get back to that.
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