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Fleet Atheist with level 56 starbase, is recruiting.

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Atheist, a fleet for beginner players or players that need help to grow, we welcome new players into the fleet, if you join us you get access to a level 55 starbase right away. The starbase increases the stats of your crew, the higher level the starbase is, that much higher will your crew's stats be.

Unfortunately the game does not allow to directly help fleet members, like donating gear pieces, or sharing crew except for faction events. But you really have no idea, how far a bit of advice, can take you in this game.

If you join us, we can help you with lots of advice, like what crew would be best for shuttle missions, voyages, gauntlet, cadet challenges and more, like how to most effectively immortalize crew, or what ships and crew would be best for ship pvp arena.

We can also help to make sure you get into a squad, with a squad leader whom has a well developed roster, to share with you during faction events. Why is this significant for you? Because it can help you to obtain crew in faction events (shuttle missions).

Think about mega events, they are 1 month long events divided into 4 events, 1 each week, each event gives you the opportunity to obtain a (1/5) legendary rarity crew for your roster, so long as you can earn 25000 or 30000 victory points.

As mentioned before with a squad leader whom has a well developed roster, that becomes considerably easier during faction events, since the squad leader can share his/her crew with you.

Plus you get various bonus rewards, just from being part of a squad, regardless of what type of event you are participating in. Rewards that help you to upgrade your crew.

We can help you to grow stronger, by helping you grow, we help ourselves to upgrade our starbase, which also helps you.


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    We have plenty of vacancy, check us out, as mentioned before we welcome anyone, if you are a beginner player or if you would like help to grow stronger or looking for a friendly fleet.
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    Just for perspective, most fleets with a starbase, as high level as ours, usually require you to be minimum level 30, and also to have a decently developed roster.

    But we have no such requirements, whatever level you are, or how badly developed your roster may be, does not matter to us, like i said, we will help you any way we can.
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    We still have plenty of vacancy, we are a friendly fleet, we have no recruitment requirements, check us out.
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