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The Colonial Fleet Ohio Marauders Squad is looking for one member!


A rare position has opened in one of the Colonial Fleet Ohio's top squads. Squad finished 13th last event with only 4 members participating. Fleet finished 2nd. We have a level 113 starbase and all members of the fleet are very active. If you are interested, message me here or catch me in game.


  • Position filled. I still have a couple of spots open in our second and 3rd fleets.
  • I would like to join your fleet.
  • Spirk, I've tried to message you in game several times. Not sure you are getting messages. Reliability of in game chat and all. I will keepl trying.
  • For the first time since 2018 a position has opened in the Marauders squad. Looking for an active player, who is willing to communicate, to join our squad. Maxed starbase, completing 2 Ultras daily as a fleet. Come be part of a great squad.
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