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Fleeting Star is Recruiting!

Yep, the Fleeting Star fleet is once again recruiting for members. We have currently a level 74 Star Base and we’re pretty active, not just day to day, but especially in events. The fleet is not always very chatty but if you need help with anything, everyone there will do their best to help you out.

Requirements are be active at least once a week and be at least level 30. For any lower level people, exceptions can be made, so just ask if you’re interested. We have a Facebook page for members only where we post lucky streaks and such.

If you need help or are interested, just look for Fleeting Star and join. If, for some reason, you can’t seem to do that, contact either @Zann Calcore or @Lord_ash2000 or @bluehawk1976 , here on the forum. Since I’m the OP of this thread, I’d suggest trying me first.

We’d certainly love to have you, so join us if you dare!
Weirdly enough, I’m also Vulcan Housewife. Also, RNGesus hates me, like really, REALLY hates me.
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