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Social fleet - Level 107 Starbase

Roadrunner {SG-66}Roadrunner {SG-66} ✭✭✭
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SG66 is a social fleet and we have a couple of spots currently opened. Our only requirements are that you have the LINE app to check your Squad assignment once a week and contribute daily to the starbase.

We are not striving to climb any leaderboard and skipping events is just fine with us. We’re here to have fun

We’d really like our members to socialize in LINE with us but the “quiet types” are also welcomed. All our squad leaders have strong shares and will often “pass the lead” if you have a better one or if you’re aiming at a top 1000 in a event and need the extra help.

PM me or reply to this thread if interested. Currently set to level 30+ but we’re flexible if you’re the social type (interacts a lot in LINE). If you’re level 30+ and you only want starbase bonus, welcome (still need LINE for weekly Squad assignments)


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