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The Four Light Brigade is Recruiting now

We are a friendly group of Star Trek Timelines gaming enthusiasts. We began our humble fleet with just one five member squad dedicated to the idea of no-drama, no-hassle gaming. Our founding squad bounced around from fleet to fleet for a while, but everywhere we landed, there were always some bad actors who were not focused on enjoying the game with their fellow fleetmates, but intent on creating conflict, playing mind games with other players, trolling, bullying, etc. We finally decided that even if we only had five members, it was better than dealing with all of the negative immature behavior that was ruining our gaming experience.

-You must be level 20 to join.
-Donate to starbase, preferably to the recommended rooms, as often as possible.
-Go ahead and grab that free 3 star Commander Sisko and change your name from "Captain" to something we can identify you by.
-If you need to be away for a while and don't want to be kicked out, let your squad lead or one of the officers know so we can save your spot.
-Squad membership is not required but it is preferred. Please inform the Admiral if you wish to create a new squad.
-Some of us use the tag "4LB" in our names as a fleet identifier. This is optional for both members and officers.
-Respect your fleetmates. We are all working together for a common goal. Trolling, bullying, excessive argumentativeness, and other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the fleet.

-Recruit new players as needed and when you have the stomach for it. I know UC can be a madhouse, but occasionally people come in looking for a new fleet...an easy way to catch a new recruit is to lurk in UC until someone says they're looking for a fleet. When recruiting it's helpful to know the current starbase level and that our Industrial Replicator is maxed (3 extra replicator uses per day) so you can use that info in your recruitment pitch.
-Do not kick a fleet member out until you have consent from one or more founding officers. Never kick another officer out of the fleet, that is reserved for the admiral and the other founding officers.

-Play often, if not daily.
-Be chatty. Don't just say hello and expect that to always start a conversation. Share your in-game accomplishments, good beholds and pulls you've gotten, crew you've immortalized, arena and gauntlet achievements, etc. Someone will always give you a "well done".
-Regular fleet members are not required to recruit, it is optional. But it's always helpful for officer candidates to bring new members in.
-We do not use daily targets and event rank to hang over fleet members' heads for officer status or fleet membership, but good showings on both stats will weigh in your favor when we consider your candidacy.
-Make sure one or more of the officers know your desire to be an officer so you can be included for consideration.

Dougie Jones (Admiral)
Picard's Cybernetic Heart
The Big Ticket
Jack Sparrow

J-Mo (aka Officer #6)
Captain Deschain
Cap'n Bob
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