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Section 14 open for recruit. Starbase 116

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Everyone's heard of Section 31, but how many of you've heard of Section 14? We're the REAL defenders of the Federation, and we're looking for a couple of Captains to help us complete our roster.

We want to share a little about the fleet that we are so proud of playing for, and invite you to consider joining us.

We're an extremely active fleet with lots of helpful, friendly Captains who love playing STT! We're an international fleet with Captains from across the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and probably other places I don't remember off hand.

Our fleet has a lot to offer, most notably our quickly improving Level 116 Starbase, and hitting fleetwide Daily Target rewards every day. If you meet the following requirements and are interested in joining us, please contact me*.

1) Prefer Captain Level 40 or higher
2) Must participate in reaching the fleetwide Daily Targets
3) Must contribute to Starbase construction daily and prioritize holoemitters
4) Must notify an Officer or your squadron leader if you plan on being inactive for more than 3 days in order to avoid being airlocked as an inactive
5) Must download Line app to communicate** (it’s free and takes 2mins)

*Comment here or PM me.

**Being chatty is absolutely NOT required, but welcome. We have two fleetwide threads
1) Info/Tips (required) and
2) General (not required and used for socializing, general game discussion, etc.). Some squadrons also have their own threads.


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    We have room for 2 new officers. Even low level may apply
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    We got room for 1 new memb. Starbase almost lev 117. We wont hang you if you cant do daily targets everyday. Most important is donation to starbase daily. Please PM me if your interessted
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