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How to Level Up Crew in the Most Cost Efficient Way Possible?

PetrichorPetrichor ✭✭✭
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Title says it all. I have a monthly dil card, and 2 shuttles. I'm level 28 and running with a fleet that raised my chron count to 112. I try leveling them daily, but I keep running out of chronitons. Suggestions?


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    SvenLundgrenSvenLundgren ✭✭✭✭
    Use replicator rations on faction only items or items with horrible crop rates. Stock up on Holoprograms, Old Film and Science Expermiments in Cadet missions
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    Legate Damar Legate Damar ✭✭✭✭✭
    As you clear the Galaxy map you’ll get XP to will boost your chron max. Once you get a good 5* ship from Dabo the ship battles will be get easier. I found a good Odo a must because he has so many traits that unlock nodes. Also, once you get enough crew for longer voyages it will get better.
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    One bit of advice I got early on was to only work on a small number of crew at a time. I tend to only work on fully fused crew, and don't be afraid to dump unfused crew if you need the slots... They'll come up again sooner or later! Once you start immortalising crew, you'll also pick up rewards for the collections as well.

    As a general rule, I keep crews in my roster that are in the top 5 for any given skill and freeze the rest. There are other ones worth keeping in the live roster if they have good traits.
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    Odo MarmarosaOdo Marmarosa ✭✭✭✭✭
    Do only the minimum number of missions for daily achievements for a few days, using double reward ads on cadet challanges and possibly even extending a voyage or two, hoarding chronotons. Then burn a supply kit. This is affordable for a monthly card player and is the cheapest way to turn dil into chronitons, especially for those high-cost rare and super rare components. Don't bother with buying chronitons directly or buying extra MWF tickets.

    As a newer player you should also probably consider prioritizing a third and forth shuttle with your dil. It will help in the long run with more trainers (to a point), more faction items, and higher faction event scores.

    The Crew Cost Comparison Tool (sticked near the top of Ready Room thread list) will help you avoid nightmares like Proton Paris and Klingon Quark before you start and can help with crew leveling decisions. If you are interested in collecting and freezing, only work on a few 1-2-3 star crew at a time; they will all come back around again, and freezing crew helps with collections and generatres dil. If you are not interested in collecting, be ruthless in whom you airlock.

    Check the STT wiki for drop rates and average chron cost. The first one listed withen the game is not nessissarily the cheapest option. Also look for missions that drop more than one type of frequently needed item.

    Make sure you use all your replicator uses each day. Build gold and purple items if you have the credits and replication materials. Build a bunch of 0* films, sci experiments, med experiments, holoprograms etc if you do not. Replicating stuff like 3* champagne is a nice middle ground.
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    help you avoid nightmares like Proton Paris and Klingon Quark

    Too true! Both a nightmare to level and equip as well as relatively weak stat-wise... Quark was one of my earlier purples so stayed in my roster for a while but there are far better ones out there with DIP-SEC-COM.
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    Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    I agree that saving dilithium for extra shuttle's could maybe be your priority at the moment. It seems like a lot of dilithium but it pays for itself, there are so many items you can get its invaluable. Plus, it seems a long way off but it also helps with faction events.

    Most of my chrons came from voyages, so in the early days I concentrated on the green cadets I needed and the FF purples I was able to get from galaxy events. Eventually these increased my voyages and after I bought my shuttle's I was able to spend a little of my monthly dilithium extending voyages, and getting even more items and chrons.

    Also, I don't know where you are on the galaxy map but I rushed through mine as I was excited to get purples and I really wished I hadn't. The purples at 1/4 don't really make much use to my crew and generally I just picked whichever one i recognised instead of checking stats on the wiki. Wiki is your friend 😊
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    Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lots of good suggestions here but I will reinforce two of them:

    -Work on a leveling as few crew at once as possible. Even if a supply of trainers isn’t the problem, working on more than one or two at a time just spreads you too thin to be able to level up anyone very quickly. I have had as many as six being worked on at once but most of those were waiting for Faction-only items or got set aside so I could level event bonus crew. With only two shuttles, I would do only one at a time. If you must, use crew obtained from a basic 10x portal pull or voyage to clear the daily leveling/training/equipping missions before airlocking them.

    -Speaking of shuttles, save any dil you get from the monthly card, sales, and/or immortalization achievements until you can get at least a third shuttle (and ideally both a third and fourth shuttle). It’s expensive but very worth it. Even if you have trouble staffing four shuttles at once with strong enough crew to regularly succeed, the extra shuttles will get you more stuff than not having them at all.
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