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Server Release Notes 10/09

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains,

With this server release we are adding a new collection to the game: Delphic Expanse collection!

This Star Trek: Enterprise themed collection showcases a brand new crew :

Tarquin 4*

FE/FF level 100 CMD 420 (184-409), DIP 823 (119-244), SCI 377 (40-126)
FE 1/4 level 100 CMD 203 (184-409), DIP 605 (119-244), SCI 257 (40-126)
Traits: Telepath, Desperate, Resourceful, Communicator

As well as Commander Dolim, Gralik Durr, Scientist Degra, Loque'eque Sato, and Xindi Insectoid Councilor.

Make sure to restart your game to see this new addition to the game!

We are also introducing an improvement to schematics, they will now display the rarity of the ship that can be built with them.

Thank you for playing!

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