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Everlong is now recruiting! Join now !!

Major ZushieMajor Zushie ✭✭
edited April 2019 in Fleet Central
Fleet Everlong is now recruiting active Captains for a limited time.

We are level 74 starbase and continuously growing.

We achieve the daily goals so you can look forward to a steady honor income with extra chrons.

We rank in the low hundreds every event and have an experienced crew who can assist with the best strategy to rank high, whether your f2p or not.

The fleet is active in chat, some times more than other times, and not restricted to game only items. (No topics are off limits but please avoid vulgarity for vulgarities sake).

Level restriction to join is 30 but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis

When you join you must add. [EVE] to your tag, otherwise have fun and be active.

You can PM me on forum or in game Major Zushie [Everlong] for application.


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    Starbase is now lvl 91 and we have a few open spots, pm me on forum or in game Major Zushie [Everlong]
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