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Server Release Notes 10/23 - Edit Sci stats correction for Fennim

ShanShan admin
edited October 2018 in Starfleet Communications

Greetings, Captains!

With this server release, we are adding two new crew and two new collections to the game as well as introducing a temporary change to the Dabo Wheel.

- New Legendary crew: Fennim
FE/FF level 100 DIP 1125 (225-461), SCI 817 (251-462), MED 406 (100-369)
FE 1/5 level 100 DIP 735 (225-461), SCI 389 (251-462), MED 181 (100-369)
Traits: Communicator, Scoundrel, Prodigy, Innovator, Thief

- The Holodeck Enthusiasts Collection

This very special collection includes 12 milestones and will feature crew who are particularly fond of Holodeck adventures: Beowulf Kim, Data V, RAF Miles O'Brien, Tuxedo Nog, Jazz Musician Odo, RAF Julian Bashir, Doctor La Forge, Princess Jadzia, Commander Barclay, Sheriff Worf, and Author Doctor.

The last 5 milestones will have a special reward: the brand new Legendary Lucille Davenport!

FE/FF level 100 stats: CMD 991 (98-213), DIP 1179 (219-430), SCI 448 (121-258)
FE 1/5 level 100 stats: CMD 563 (98-213), DIP 827 (219-430), SCI 223 (121-258)

Traits: Starfleet, Federation, Costumed, Resourceful, Romantic, Human

To go along with this collection, we are also introducing a temporary change to the Dabo Wheel. For one week starting today at 1 PM ET (17:00 UTC), and after a forced restart, all players will see crew from the Holodeck Enthusiasts collection in the top row (this does not include the reward crew, Lucille Davenport).

- The Bride of Chaotica Collection

This Captain Proton holonovels-themed collection showcases the following crew:

Satan's Robot, Buster Kincaid Kim, Captain Proton Paris, The President of Earth, Doctor Chaotica, and Arachnia Janeway.

We hope you enjoy these Holo-ween additions to the game. Thank you for playing!



  • There was a typo in the SCI stats for Fennim and that has now been corrected.
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