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Recruiting for Avalon's Galactic Armada lvl 7+ All are welcome. -Turen Counterpoint

Turen CounterpointTuren Counterpoint ✭✭✭
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Recruiting for "Avalon's Galactic Armada":
Looking for a total of 49 Captains for Fleet and Starbase: Avalon's Galactic Armada. Anyone can join. It's difficult to be booted out. Easy going. Keep to yourself, help, or be helped. The Starbase is important to me, but do as you like. I'm currently level 62. The Starbase is level 7+. Whether you join or no, have Stellar Treks and LLAP. -Turen Counterpoint
Admiral Turen Counterpoint at Avalon's Galactic Armada and Captain of the U.S.S. Divinity
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