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Strength in numbers: join the Bajoran Raiders!

After some departures and cleaning out inactives, the Bajoran Raiders are now well short of the comfortable number of 50. We need reinforcements! Having quite a few spots open certainly leaves open the possibility to join us with your entire squad, should you want to.

Why would you do that? Because we have a highly functional Starbase right now, with some awesome bonuses!
With Strength in numbers, I mean the following perks:
Command: +7% core, +6%min proficiency, +6%max proficiency
Dip: +6%, 6%, 6%
Sec: 6%, 6%, 6%
Eng: 7%, 6%, 6%
Sci: 7%, 6%, 6%
Med: 8%!, 7%, 7%

+50 max Chronitons and +3 recplicator uses!

Other than that we are a relaxed group of people from all over the world, some of us rank consistently in top 1000, some of us do not. It's all good!

Walk with the Prophets!

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