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The Navy Yard has openings

Hello Fellow STT Captain!

The Navy Yard is a new Fleet and we’re looking for active players to join us. It is hard building a new Fleet but it is a journey that can be treasured cause when it is completed you were part of a team to build it. There is an old saying that we like in the fleet “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

The Navy Yard is a social fleet, dedicated to developing a healthy community based. We encourage everyone to feel welcome and share anything they feel will be of interest to others.

We have simple rules, Communicate, complete daily missions and donate to Starbase.

We have a lot to offer. A quick rundown of membership benefits:

- We use Line app to communicate to better help you with the mechanics of the game. Line app is free. It allows us to take screenshots of things like events so you can better prepare for the upcoming event. If your having problems in say the arena we can screenshot what ship and what crew we use to better help you.

Want to do better in events, or in general game play? We freely share strategies and help each other be better game players.

We currently have our Starbase at 16 and still growing.

Our Admiral is at level 76, our xo is at level 75 and our third in command is 60, so you can imagine the experience and strategy we have to share!

Communicating with squad leader and officers is a must. We all have RL issues but being in a fleet is a team effort so again communication is key.

Come join us in our journey and have fun while maximizing your potential in this game
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