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Mega Event Idea: The Android Revolution

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I've already done this in my What We Need on Timelines post, but Im posting it here for clarity
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  • Ricard Daystrom Ricard Daystrom ✭✭✭
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    This event would be a Mega Event

    1ST EVENT Name : Rise of the Androids
    Event Type : Faction ( Federation, Ferengi, Maquis)
    Event Crew: 5* Temporal Captian Lore(new/ like T'kuvma in the DIS Mega Event ) ,5*Landru ( new ) ,* Dr. Roger Korby(new),4*Andrea(new)

    For the new characters

    Temporal Captian Lore

    Android, Brutal, Civilian,Villain,Tactician,Temporal Agent,Cybernetist

    This Non-Canon Lore stole the Timeship Kronos after it found itself in the 24th Century.He went through time and gathered an army of androids to destroy organic life forms.




    Landru was once a philosopher and engineer as a human. Using his engineering skills, he crafted a machine to carry out his message of "peace and tranquility"


    Dr Roger Korby

    Exoarcheology, Andriod, Human, Civilian,Brutal

    Korby was a renowned archeologist that was engaged to Christine Chapel of the USS Enterprise. He also lead an expedition to the planet Exo III.There he found an ancient android civilization Before dying on Exo III, he transfered his consciousness into an android



    Android,Civilian, Brutal, Romantic

    Andrea was an android created by Dr. Korby. She had simplistic programming that made her follow any commands.

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  • Storyline:
    Lore hijacks the Timeship Kronos after it ended up in the 24th Century. He then started to gather a huge following by androids across all timelines. Now he has settled on the planet Exo III with part of the ancient android civilization.
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  • The Three Factions:

    The Federation

    The Federation plans to convert the androids and integrate them into Starfleet

    The Ferengi Traditionalists

    The Traditionalists plan on stealing the androids and then selling them for a lucrative profit

    The Maquis

    The Maquis plan on partnering with the androids to attack the Federation
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  • Faction Missions
    10 New Missions for each Faction


    Remember the Archons
    Starfleet needs to convince the androids that the advisor to Lore, Landru,commited various atrocities. Go to Beta III to gather data.

    Better Call Soong
    The older androids are more reluctant to join the Federation. Find Nooien Soong so he can provide upgrades them so that they have more of an incentive.

    The One becomes Zero
    The Androids doubt that Lore is as a Villian as the Federation says he is. Find a Rouge Borg that Lore experimented on and have him provide a testimony.

    A Fistful of Androids
    Some of the Androids are not convinced that Starfleet is right for them. Create a Holoprogram to entice the androids.

    Illogical Beings
    Some of the androids view Starfleet as illogical. Show them that Starfleet has been logical by locating the a Federation science vessal called the USS Surak, that has a predominantly Vulcan crew.

    The Measure of a Woman
    The android Andrea was programmed to obedient. Find a way to upgrade her programming so she can think for her self.

    Friend Like Me
    The android duplicate on Exo III is a remarkable piece of technology. Help find it to make Andriod copies of Starfleet members to make the androids feel welcomed

    Some androids yearn for what it feels like to be like organic lifeforms. One of the most valued parts of an organic being's life is the experience of raising a child. Help new androids sympathize with Starfleet by gathering a group of childlike androids and paring them with new android parents

    Although Lore has amassed a large following of androids, some have been mistreated by the "leader" Find them and bring them to Starfleet

    Some androids look up to Lore because he has accomplished many things for androids. Escort Lt Commander Data to these androids and show them a much better role model for androids.

    Ferengi Traditionalists

    Extra Muscle
    The Nagus needs to be protected at all costs. Some Ferengi businessesmen noticed this and need you to deliver 10 bodyguard androids to the Nagus

    False Prophets,Real Profit
    Some Shady Ferengi merchants plan to sent in androids that look like the Prophets to steal the offerings. Make sure that the Kai never finds out.

    Under New Management
    Quark is seizing the opportunity his newly stolen androids to make his bar better. He is deciding to replace all of the staff (himself included) with androids. Help escort the convoy to Deep Space Nine.

    To Protect and Serve
    A group of old Guls need an army to attack outposts on Bajor. Supply them with some androids before time runs out.

    Bankrupt Them!
    Orion Slavers make a living out of selling Orion women as slaves. Overwhelm the competition by delivering a shipment that is 2 times bigger than the Orion slave market to the people around the Quadrants.

    Quark needs your help with a lucrative business deal. He needs you to sabotage some androids the Kareema are planning to sell to the peoples of the Alpha Quadrant.

    To Hell With the

    The Jem'Hadar are the most Brutal soldiers. Maybe it's possible to have them be the number 2 most deadly. Gather information from the Jem'Hadar and their tactics and give it to some Ferengi businessesmen to make even better soldiers

    Better than a Holosuite
    A associate of Quark named Tiron wanted a Holoprogram of Major Kira. Do him one better and help Quark build a realistic Major Kira android.

    Cross-Universe Business Deal
    The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance is having trouble stopping rebel Terran Workers. Supply them with androids to keep the rebels in line

    Two Places at Once
    Sometimes the Nagus has two deals that need to be made, but he can't be two places at once. Provide him with an android that would work as a duplicate.

    The Maquis

    Loyal Replacements
    The Maquis are still upset that Chakotay and some other Maquis of the Val Jean defected to the Federation. Help the Maquis by getting the DNA of Chakotay and the other defected Maquis to the android duplicater on Exo III.

    Federation Colonists that sympathize with the Maquis need help dealing with the Federation officers there. Find Ruk, one of the ancient androids and deliver him to the colony

    Better Friends then Who Once Were
    Former Starfleet member Ro Laren misses some of her friends from the Enterprise-D. Use the android duplicater to make copies of them to keep her comany.

    Thomas Riker, the clone of William Riker tried once to attack the Cardassians by using the USS Defiant. Help make copies of some Deep Space Nine crew so that another attack can be carried out successfully

    Inside Job
    The Maquis think that an android would make a perfect spy. Help sneak in an android onto a Federation and eliminate the actual person the android is impersonating.

    Seductive Tactics
    Help the Maquis find Andrea on Exo III so she can seduce male Starfleet Officers out of their secrets.

    A Bad Second Opinion
    Help the Maquis secretly provide medical androids to Starfleet in hopes to poison Starfleet Officers.

    The Better Option
    Help the Maquis delivering engineer androids to different ships so that the ships can be up to date.

    All the Good Things...Come to an End
    Send in Androids to assassinate the Enterprise-D crew in the future for the Maquis

    A Beloved Leader
    Some Maquis have lost faith after Cal Hudson died.Help lead an android team to recover him in the past.

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  • How is my event idea so far?
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  • Ricard Daystrom Ricard Daystrom ✭✭✭
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    2ND Event Name:
    Dawn of the New Androids

    Event Type:Expedition

    Event Crew : 5 * Temporal Captian Lore, 5* King Mudd the First (new), 4* Norman (new),4* Nomad (new)

    For the new characters:


    King Mudd the First

    Royalty,Lord,Scoundrel, Con-Man ( new ), Villain

    After his first in counter with the Enterprise, Mudd became the ruler of a planet of androids.



    Android,Sabotuer, Human,
    Federation, Starfleet,Undercover Operative

    Norman went undercover as a crewman of the Enterprise to assist in Lord Mudds plan




    Originally a probe sent from Earth, Nomad eventually fused with another probe, The Tan Ru.
    This caused Nomad to have faulty programing that caused the probe to eradicate anything it deemed unworthy

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  • Storyline
    As Lore and his group of Androids are gaining power, more people are taking advantage of the crisis and are causing more chaos
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  • ClanofClanof ✭✭✭
    I really like the first one. You put a lot of thought into it to flesh it out. Definitely a viable storyline, and I'm always up for more Lore.
  • I will be adding regularly
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  • Should I add Win/Lose statements for the 30 faction missions?
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