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Edmonton Trekkies has 5 berths left!

ADM Fletcher [ET]ADM Fletcher [ET] ✭✭✭
edited October 2017 in Fleet Central
If you're looking for a laid-back, friendly Fleet of daily players to join, look no further than Edmonton Trekkies! There is no minimum spend, no outside chat to install, and also no Fleet tags. Edmonton is where I live, but the Fleet has players worldwide. Our Starbase is level 20, chronitons are maxxed, and all but two skills are at level 3. You must log in at least once per week. If you need to be away for longer than a week, let the Admiral or your Squadron leader know, so you can retain your spot in the Fleet. Do your daily missions and collect the honor!
Fleet Admiral - Edmonton Trekkies [ET] | Squadron Leader - 1701'ers
Join us! We have cheesecake!! | Fleet Central Information


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