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The Navy Yard has openings

Hello Fellow STT Captain!

The Navy Yard is a new Fleet and we’re looking for active players to join us. It is hard building a new Fleet but it is a journey that can be treasured cause when it is completed you were part of a team to build it. There is an old saying that we like in the fleet “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

The Navy Yard is a social fleet, dedicated to developing a healthy community based. We encourage everyone to feel welcome and share anything they feel will be of interest to others.

We have simple rules, Communicate, complete daily missions and donate to Starbase.

We currently have our Starbase at 18 and still growing.

The Admiral is at Captain level 75.

Communicating with squad leader and officers is a must. We all have RL issues but being in a fleet is a team effort so again communication is key. That way we know if you have decided not play the game anymore. In a fleet not donating to Starbase hurts the rest of the fleet, so if your gone for more than 2 days and the officers don’t know why we will dismiss you from the fleet.

Come join us in our journey and have fun.

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