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[PJW] Prune Juice Warriors looking to train new Warriors. Join us!

Several openings for new Warriors have opened up in the Prune Juice Warriors Fleet. We will accept new applicants of Level 30 or higher and help train you to achieve your full potential. Besides the training, the best reason for joining any Fleet is the plethora of stat bonuses your crew will gain from the Fleet Starbase. PJW is currently at Level 84 and will continue to rise with your help.

We are active, friendly, and low-pressure. You can interact via normal Fleet Chat, through our Facebook Page (Prune Juice Warriors), or keep more to yourself while gaining the benefits of Fleet membership. We hope you'll consider us for your Fleet choice!

Admiral Bakkster
Prune Juice Warriors


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    Hi Guys,
    I am interested to join,
    I am quite new to the game, switched from GOTA, just reache lvl 30 and after my first few weeks in the game I am looking for an active fleet the has enough experience to lift my game to another level. I first wanted to see if I like the game for a longer period or will abandon it after a few days.
    Currently I am in a fleet, but half of them seem to be inactive - in the current event I seem to contribute half of the points to my squad - as the lowest ranking officer.
    I am daily active - but I do not invest real money into my games as a principle. I would be glad to hear from you
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