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Begold Help! Culber or Falcon O’Brien??

This is a tough one. Culber is a MED beast but it’s Falcon O’Brien. I’m leaning Culber even though O’Brien is one of my favorite characters. My top MED are Cornwell, Bell Riots Bashir and Mirror Phlox so I don’t have a massive need there but that MED SCI combo is hard to pass up.



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    Falcon O'Brien is in the Our Man Bashir collection. If that affects your decision
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    I went with Culber. Even at 1/5 he’s my 3rd highest med. bigger need there than security.
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    You wouldn’t be disappointed with either. ;-)

    This is a tough one, as Security seats show up in daily shuttles and faction events 3-4x more often than Med seats, and Falcon’s FF stats are such that he would be event-useful even if unbonused. That said, one Med seat hole can kill an otherwise optimal faction mission. Bell Riots helps you buffer that but a Culber would be even better.

    I have Culber but have struggled to fuse him as he constantly is eclipsed by more common-use CMD/SEC/DIP citation needs. At 2/5 he’s been used in 9% of my daily voyages and 14% of my daily shuttles over the last two months. (In comparison, 5/5 Bell has been in use 34% of the time for voyages, 16% for shuttles, and 6% for events, and 5/5 Durango who is close to Falcon in stats has been in use 4% of the time for voyages, 62% for shuttles and 12% for events... I take crew out of service for shuttles before voyages, and accounting for overnight down time, Durango is effectively at nonstop daily shuttle use)

    For Hugh I just need to bite the bullet for 6 weeks and unlock his potential! :-)

    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
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