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Shock Troop Elites recruiting

We currently have openings in Shock Troop Elites. Starbase is level 98 currently. Fleet members are friendly and willing to teach the game. Line App is required due to extensive starategy notes and advanced chat options.


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    Hello all! I haven’t seen any comments but I have seen some views. If you have any private questions you can contact me in game @ [STE] Bald Eagle or on Line app, my line ID is: u.s.eagle1. My Line profile name is Bald Eagle.

    We are looking for enthusiastic members to join our fleet. We have had to let go of some players due to a lack of activity and are looking for people who are willing to donate to Starbase, complete their daily achievements, compete in events regularly (not neccessarily every week) and communicate with fleet members. We have lively chats and everyone is ready and willing to help and offer their own experiences to broaden everyone’s knowledge base in the game as well as casual and fun conversation. Many of the members with us now have been with us for the nearly 3 years our fleet has been active and we have a great deal of game knowledge we’d love to share, especially with people new to the game.

    We have 24 spots open currently so if this is what your looking for please join us.
    Bald Eagle
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