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Hi Everyone!
Temporal Guards was started in June of 2017 with a mission of creating a fun and supportive community. We love Star Trek, we like the game and we really enjoy chatting with each other.

We take the game "just serious enough"
-We have a level 116 Starbase that continues to grow.
-We are looking for players level 40 or above and who log in daily.
-We hit out daily Honor and Chrons.
-We help each other and share tips, tricks and guides with each other.
-We value each other and respect each other.
-We don't care how many shuttles you have, Event rank or VIP level.
-If life gets a little hectic, just let us know. Real life always comes first.

We have an active Discord Channel, where we share Trek stuff, talk about the game and mostly joke around. We also share this space with our sister fleet Heart of the Galaxy 2.
My Name is Charles and I invite you to join my fleet.


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