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Attention Belters !! Outer Planets Alliance [OPA] is recruiting !! Tycho station is level 120 !!

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After a long absence of its original leader (we suspect that she is either lost in space or held as a prisoner by Earthers or Dusters) and due to mismanagement of substitute leader (who is now sent to haul ice from Saturn rings) the coup has recently taken place and OPA now have a new leader – none other than Colonel Frederick Lucius Johnson.

As you may already know, after Anderson Station incident Johnson resigned from the Marine Corps, publicly apologized for his actions and withdrew underground for years. You may have met him being heavily drunk in some bars in the Belt or in occasional space skirmishes but you couldn’t recognize him because he was using his alias – Captain LolliPop. But now he is back in the open, dedicated to bring OPA to its former glory and make it one of the best fleets out there, to continue to advance and compete at the highest levels.

In these recent times we lost many of our brothers and sisters in clashes with Inyalowda and we're looking for new members. Both new and veteran Captains are welcome, you don’t even have to be a Belter. We accept all open minded people, you can also be an Earther or Martian or even a Trekkie, we don't mind. If you're cool person we will welcome you with open hearts.

There are a several requirements though:
1. Active play required - but we all have real life issues so we will understand yours too
2. No drama, inflated ego or narcissism – respect your brothers and sisters as you'd like them to respect you
3. Minimum level 40 (but if you're dedicated we might also consider accepting lower levels) and ability to compete in events, at least for top 10K
4. Willingness to join our Discord channel - where we help each other, share news, tactics, strategies, jokes and squadron assignments. We also have some neat and useful bots
5. Adoption of fleet tag [OPA] in your in-game name
6. At least 3 (preferably 4) shuttles
7. Sense of humor
8. Moderate maturity
9. Being a fan of The Expanse TV series is preferred but not required
10. We might kick you out after longer period of inactivity if you didn't announced your absence

If you're tired of oppression and feel like a true Belter looking for a home, PM me here or reply to this thread. Please provide a few words about yourself, your play style and current crew progress. We look forward to welcoming you to Outer Planets Alliance.

Beltalowda.. remember the Cant!
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