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Behold help, Delta Flyer Paris, Tempted Data, Undercover Sulu

Hello All,
I was leaning towards Tempted Data, but then realized Voyages plays a roll in what decision to make. I haven't done enough research to have a guess at whats right for Voyages so I'm throwing this out to the masses. Any help is appreciated!


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    I have Tempted Data 1/5* @ level 100 FE & I use him a lot. He's #6 of my engineers for shuttles & he has 3 skills so he's also good for voyages. Also, it's Data.
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    [7TW] UnkieB[7TW] UnkieB ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's Data and he's got a lot of events where he'll be useful. DF Paris is also quite useful in both gauntlet and voyages. Not sure about Sulu.
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    I have an undercover Sulu but I haven't leveled him yet. I have made an excel sheet that calculates all the crew's score for voyages. A 1/5 FE Sulu has the 10th best Dip and has the 46th best total skill score (total skill score is all his skills added together). Tempted Data is 39th and Delta Paris is 55th. It depends on what you need. Paris has good command skill. Tempted Data is great for engineering. And Sulu is Dip.

    Since Engineering is hard to come by, I would lean to Tempted Data
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    Paris also has the rare combo of ENG+MED.
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    qxqx wrote: »
    Paris also has the rare combo of ENG+MED.

    You are right.. That would be very helpful. Have Paris at command and it will add to both eng/med. Good call
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    Thanks for the replies. You make a good point about Paris, but I could use the Engineering and have an Admiral Riker to cover down on some of the Paris traits. I haven't been able to multi star the 5*s yet either. That was a tough one!
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    Lady GaghgaghLady Gaghgagh ✭✭✭✭✭
    While personally my fave of those is Paris, I would have gone with the Tempted Data too.
    Strong ENG crew is pretty hard to come by. And if you get Data to 4 stars of FF then he has over 900 engineering.

    My goal in playing is only to keep crew which are either over 700 base in their primary skill, or good for gauntlet (unless I really like the character then I keep him/her regardless). Any crew which has one or both of these will naturally be great for Voyages by default.
    But another thing I am trying to do is have at least one crew with a base of 1000 or more in each of the skills. So one 1000+ character in DIP, one in MED, etc etc. I have attained this goal in all of the skills except engineering - I need just 2 more stars for my Tempted Data.
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    Undercover Sulu has a ton of attributes such as Pilot, Maverick, Hero, Tactician, Undercover Operative that you don't see in combination, so when I had a choice in a behold, I chose on that he seems like he would be situationally useful in Gauntlet.
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