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A mini-Gauntlet for your ideas

With the "Out of the Box" thread appropriately moved to the Make It So forum, here's a slightly different approach to weighing in on game improvement ideas:

Vote for Your Timelines Ideas

I've scraped the Out of the Box ideas and most recent couple of pages of Make It So forum for seed ideas for you to vote on. Vote as often as you like until you get bored; with enough options and enough participants it won't matter much if any one person has "over-voted".

You can also add your own ideas live during the voting; I'd recommend voting a bunch of times first to see if your idea already exists.

Once you're done voting, you can click "View Results" to see the cumulative community prioritization thus far.

I can also post the results here every day or two until the voting tapers off ...
Accepted. Mark them, Galt.


  • Bylo BandBylo Band ✭✭✭✭✭
    Bump :)
  • IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    good job it will be interesting to see the results
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  • 5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
    good job it will be interesting to see the results

    I’ll copy and paste tonight (though you can watch in the tool itself). As of now there seems to be near-unanimity that voyages need a tune up...
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
  • 5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
    OK, here are results after the first day of voting ... votes are still coming in (and new votes are changing the summary results), so if you haven't participated please do ... I'll keep the tool open.

    To interpret the results:
    The score of an idea is the estimated chance that it will win against a randomly chosen idea. For example, a score of 100 means the idea is predicted to win every time and a score of 0 means the idea is predicted to lose every time.

    There have been 2278 pairwise votes on 48 ideas, over 55 unique user sessions. I can't confirm that all 55 were different people, but "about 50" is the approximate sample size:



    "Discuss and debate..." ... and if you haven't voted, or have an idea not on the list, please visit: https://www.allourideas.org/STTideas
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
  • This is a great idea. Thanks.
    I would suggest potential voters to vote first for things that are minor changes or additions as they would be more likely to get done.
    Instead of extreme formulation, programming and technical changes that likely wont happen. Eventually maybe these more complicated ideas can happen.
    Not saying dont vote for them at all, but once u start the survey u will see the same option comes up multiple times, in a random mix.
    Just my thought. Please vote as u see fit.
    Thanks again for the idea and interaction you have made possible 5000 Quatloos
  • 5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    PS :
    This is the power of math, people! Come on! (applause)
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
  • Moose1Moose1 ✭✭✭
    Lotsa good ideas there. Which is why DB will never implement any of them.
  • Bylo BandBylo Band ✭✭✭✭✭
    Man, I voted LOADS of times and never saw half of those options!
  • Shy KhanShy Khan ✭✭✭✭✭
    What is the "Cryostasis Vault for Ships" concept?
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  • 5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shy Khan wrote: »
    What is the "Cryostasis Vault for Ships" concept?

    IIRC it was a way to put the load of 2/3/4 ships into storage so they don't clutter your daily hunt for Voyage ships. (I think)
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
  • 5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2019
    [UPDATE - edited to cross off items that DB gave us this week! (Feb 6)]

    OK, the voting has tapered off a bit so here are updated results ... 3177 pairwise votes on 49 ideas (2 were new contributions) voted on by about 78 participants (slightly less if anyone voted in multiple sessions):


    For DB's convenience (nudge!), here are some breakouts of themed categories:

    Crew acquisition & development

    78 - Honor easier to accrue
    74 - Convert ship schematics to honor
    70 - 4-option behold
    64 - Increase drop rate of Gauntlet legendary √ Feb 5 2019
    62 - Make old Gauntlet crew available √ Feb 5 2019
    60 - Move the 2x legendary ranked reward mark
    51 - Customizable crew (skills, traits)
    41 - Trade crew between players
    28 - Specialization skill points to apply to manifest (fooey, no one likes my idea)

    Crew utilization & management

    67 - New game mechanic to make use of unused crew/ships/inventory
    66 - Run multiple voyages simultaneously
    63 - Mini-voyages for 1/2/3/4* ships
    54 - Event crew filter for cryostasis vault
    48 - Favorites tag to help find/assign event crew
    48 - Tweak gauntlet to allow more crew to be competitive√ Feb 5 2019


    78 - Dilemmas escalate in reward level
    75 - Cumulative / build on accomplishments
    66 - Run multiple voyages simultaneously
    63 - Mini-voyages for 1/2/3/4* ships
    60 - Voyages explore uncharted Galaxy Map
    59 - Dismiss crew button at end
    58 - Allow voyage tokens to be saved
    28 - Persistence of ship names

    Inventory development & management

    67 - New game mechanic to make use of unused crew/ships/inventory
    65 - Remove maximum item count
    61 - Make inventory searchable
    62 - New (cheaper) missions for expensive low level items
    53 - Ability to mark items as replicator fuel


    74 - Shipyard to convert schematics to honor
    67 - Ability to replicate schematics using unneeded ones
    67 - New game mechanic to make use of unused crew/ships/inventory
    63 - Mini-voyages for 1/2/3/4* ships
    54 - Put upcoming skirmish schematics into Arena rewards
    51 - Starbase rooms that upgrade ship skills
    36 - Direct purchase of featured ship schematics
    32 - Cryostasis vault for ships
    28 - Persistence of ship names in Voyages
    22 - Live PvP arena within fleet
    16 - Live PvP arena across game


    75 - "Salary cap" limits to prevent crew walls (newly added - score still prelim)
    64 - Increase drop rate of Gauntlet crew √ Feb 5 2019
    62 - Make old Gauntlet crew available √ Feb 5 2019
    48 - Allow more diverse and super-rare crew to be competitive √ Feb 5 2019
    44 - Increase benefit provided by featured skill
    23 - Fight 5 vs 5 crew instead of 1 vs 1


    57 - Enable squad engagement in non-Faction events
    51 - Admiral ability to see who donates to Starbase
    50 - Greater admiral control over squad leaders/members
    43 - Fix chat system
    41 - Ability to trade crew between players
    38 - Secondary command officer for starbases
    27 - Direct-push messages within fleets
    22 - Live PvP arena (within a fleet)

    General gameplay

    54 - Add new VIP tier(s)
    53 - Include VP total in end-of-event results display
    44 - Bookmark/favorite missions in Galaxy
    43 - Official API for 3rd party tools

    New crew options

    46 - Cheesecake Seven
    23 - Unfilmed DS9 Season 8
    20 - More Animated Series
    13 - Movie characters from Kelvinverse
    Accepted. Mark them, Galt.
  • Because we already have the base programming and it would be most easy to implement changes on an existing scale,

    I am especially fond of some gauntlet tweaks, winner based on actual % and proficiency value, maybe 3 levels like arena so that all lvl players can play.

    some starbase upgrades for secondary command position to manage the fleet in an admirals unexpected absence. And more control over squad leader possitions so the entire squad does not have to disband when a S/L goes missing.
    I am sure DB never considered the loss of an adm or S/L when setting up fleets or it would have already been included. Many fleets have have to go dormant and start over due to sudden adm loss. And having to re-sort all members to a new squad if a S/L goes missing is complicated especially with the limited msg system we have.

    And of course Cheescake seven.
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