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New fleet: [TDT] The Divine Treasury is looking for fellow Ferengi.

Putting together a new fleet for Captains of any level.

Very easy requirements which are daily participation, donations, and completing daily targets.

No chat apps required to join.

No pressure on events. Will have a Squad(s) for those who like to participate in them weekly.

No, you don't need to know all 285 Rules of Acquisition to join.

Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum so join today and start earning the Ferengi way.

Open enrollment.

My Captain name is [TDT] Brunt FCA
Fleet: [TDT] The Divine Treasury


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    Happy to report I got my first new captain to join up today and looking for many more. The path to profit is a lengthy but rewarding road.
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    Starting up our second squad “Money is Everything” to go along with “Only Fools Pay Retail”. If you channel your inner Ferengi please com join us and let’s get squad three going. Anyone have a Ferengi themed name suggestion for it?
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    I suggest "Greed is Eternal."

    Good luck with your recruiting. I like your concept of a Ferengi fleet.
    Admiral of the Inner Planets Alliance fleets
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