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Try our newest feature in beta!

ShanShan admin
edited March 2019 in Starfleet Communications
Greetings, Captains!

We are working on a new feature in STAR TREK TIMELINES called Campaigns. Campaigns are designed to allow active Captains to unlock valuable rewards such as crew, credits, equipment and Dilithium by performing their normal daily missions.

You can learn all about Campaigns in our detailed blog post (http://bit.ly/sttcampaignsbeta), but here’s a brief explanation of how they work:

During a Campaign, completing daily missions will allow you to gain Accolades and unlock tiers of Campaign rewards. You can find Campaigns via the Daily Missions button on the main interface.

Before we fully roll out Campaigns, however, we want to show you a not-quite-final iteration of this new feature! The Campaigns beta will be available later today around 3:00pm ET until Wednesday March, 27 3:00pm ET (19:00 UTC). You will need to exit and restart the game if you were already logged in.

Please note that for the purpose of properly monitoring this new feature, the start of the Campaign beta will not be in sync with the daily reset (occurring daily at 05:00 UTC), so for some of you, your daily missions will likely be almost completed when it starts. For this beta only we are granting all players the Premium Rewards Track which will allow you to unlock the additional rewards. Once the feature leaves beta testing, Campaigns will be scheduled to coincide with the daily reset and the daily missions reset - and the Premium Rewards Track will need to be purchased to unlock additional rewards.

Please try out the Campaigns beta – we are genuinely looking forward to your feedback!


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