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The EVIL EMPIRE is recruiting

TheComedianTheComedian ✭✭
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Hello everybody,

the evil empire is looking for active players.

We are an active fleet which is also suitable for beginners.

Our starbase is currently at level 116 and is steadily increasing

Fleet rules:
Regular donations to the starbase as well as some activity to reach the remaining fleet targets
Longer absence should be announced to the admiral or an officer, otherwise after 7 days of inactivity you will be excluded from the fleet
Should someone not be able to unsubscribe due to illness or the like, we gladly accept those in the fleet afterwards

We use the in-game chat. We do not have a Facebook page or any other social media presence.
An fleet name addition in the player name is not required.

We look forward to see you.



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    TheComedianTheComedian ✭✭
    edited April 2019
    We are still searching for some active captains!

    The starbase is now at level 118.
    For a better communication we are now using LINE (but the use isn´t mandatory).

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