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Why would somebody *not* want to join a Fleet?

Just in general, why would any player not want to join a Fleet? The stat bonuses from Starbases by themselves should be sufficient reason to join a Fleet. I can understand onerous restrictions and shady Fleetmates, but there are always more casual Fleets looking for members.


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    I don't get it either. And since it's not a big commitment (you play anyway), and a person can leave at any time, there really is no down side.
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    tytlaltytlal ✭✭✭
    maybe just a string of bad fleet selections? some are so casual , that there are so lil starbases , inactive admirals , sq. leaders, that bad impressions can pile up quickly. then such a person with that bad luck lands in an ultra demding one, which rather quickly kick him. not wanting more drama, that this player might have irl, he goes solo. i can quite understand him.
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    I took a year to finish up the story missions and get my crew ready, learn how the game works, from dailys, to gauntlet. How much dilithium is worth, how chrons works, etc. Than I joined a fleet and still kept learning. Worked for me
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    I.S.S.Michigan is looking to add members
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    Finding a fleet that fits can be daunting. It all depends on what you want to get out of this game. Are you chatty? Do you want to strive to get to the top of the leaderboard? Do you want to be left alone to play and just get the rewards of being in a fleet?

    I've had people leave because they wanted to be in a top 10 fleet. I've had people join because they didn't want to be in a top 10 fleet.
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    muwoomuwoo ✭✭✭
    Most games I don't like joining fleets, clans, empires etc. I like to play alone and don't enjoy that most of the time you get people haranguing you because you aren't some superstar at the game or you play in a way that that group doesn't like.

    I resisted fleets for a long time on this game for that very reason. I'm in one now that I like because it's low pressure and pretty chill. It makes perfect sense to me that lots of people might not want to join a fleet.
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    meh... ;)
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    When I first began playing I didn't understand the benefits to belonging to a fleet. It was over a month before I joined one. Markas is right. Personally the drama of finding a fleet was crazy. The first fleet I joined was absolutely silent for weeks, then I received a message from the Admiral in French as I don't parlez I exited. Next fleet I joined was labeled as "daily active" however since I am F2P my lack of shuttles hindered the rankings. I moved on and once again I joined a fleet that had its announcements in English however the main language used in fleet chat was Russian. Finally I found the fleet I am in now (Go VDF!) and they are the right fit for me. We've been 50 of 50 since I joined, with the exception of one level 99 member going inactive. I really enjoy being a part of my fleet, especially after all the trouble finding them. :)
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