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STARFLEET WISCONSIN members who were mass-dismissed last night!

Whether by glitch or by sabotage, 20 of our Fleet members were dismissed last night!! I had nothing to do with it, and have contacted DB support to find out what (or who) is responsible!

If you are one of those players and see this, please know that you were not kicked out intentionally and that you are welcome back!!!!!

Also, to any players who would like to join and help us out, it would be extremely appreciated!! Being from Wisconsin is not a requirement.

We went from 47 players down to 25 overnight. I have now made ALL fleet members officers in case this had been intentional. That way only I can dismiss someone.

After a number of players left the game a few months ago, we had been steadily building up our Fleet again, and things were going very well. Membership was back up. Our Fleet event score went from the 600's to the 300's. Our Starbase went from the low 50's up to 60. Most members were daily. Veteran players have always been quick to help new players. We had (HAVE) a great group of people. If an officer did this intentionally, there was no fore-warning, and no knowledge of any issues or drama with me, or between any fleet members.

I could use your help to build us back up again! Even if only temporarily.

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