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Constitution Enterprise (CE) recruiting...

As of 2nd April 2019, we're looking for one level 30 or higher captain for our active friendly level 100 starbase fleet.

We have experienced helpful officers and squad leaders, and we look forward to hearing from you. Expectations: make friends, progress your crew and ships at your own pace but kindly let us know if you'll be inactive in any particular event.

Cmdr Sinclair [CE] - 1st Officer.


  • Full at present.
  • Now utilising Discord for reliable cross-platform fleet communications and resources.
  • Cmdr SinclairCmdr Sinclair ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    Two vacancies for level 30 and higher active captains. No necessity to be on Discord but it helps. Our starbase is now level 101, with a friendly experienced fleet that has a consistent record of ranking under 200 in events. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Three vacancies, starbase level 102 with further rooms close to completion.
  • Two vacancies our starbase has increased to 106 .
  • Howdy! Who should I msg? I've been playing for a year and a half, lvl 70.
  • Cmdr Sinclair [CE] recruiting , or simply apply fleet is open to join .
  • 3 vacancies, we look forward to welcoming you and assisting. Level 30 or higher, must be active in events, or let a squad leader or officer know.
  • Cmdr SinclairCmdr Sinclair ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019
    4 openings, starbase now level 111. Entry requirements: Level 30 or higher, active in events (if not let a squad leader know).
  • 5 openings, apply in game , message or PM if further questions. Starbase level 112.
  • Entry requirement now at 20, 5 openings.
  • Entry requirement: Any level but must be active, notify squad leader if inactive in an event, and must use a name other than Captain. Four openings available with experienced squad leaders and officers able to guide new captains.
  • Currently full, thank you for all the interest.
  • Four vacancies at present.
  • Six vacancies at present. Entry level 30 or higher. Must be active.
  • Currently full, thank you for all the interest.
  • Two opportunities for level 30 or higher active captains in a fleet that regularly completes in the top 150 fleets, starbase 117 with three rooms close to upgrading. Apply if interested.
  • Star Base is now 119. Currently have 5 openings.
  • Thank you, level 30 or higher, must be active.
  • Hi how is y'alls fleet doing hope y'all will have a good event this week
  • Great. Thanks for asking. How is yours?
  • You welcome doing alright
  • Hope y'all had a good event
  • 5 vacancies, must be active level 30 or higher. Starbase level 122, experienced officers, fleet resources and guidance, using both discord, and facebook. We look forward to welcoming you.
  • Nice y'all have a full fleet again
  • Currently at full fleet capacity.
  • One vacancy.
  • Two vacancies. Starbase currently 125, must be active, level 20 or higher. If missing event notify your squad leader. Friendly experienced fleet.
  • Five vacancies, starbase 127, level 20 must be active.
  • Starbase level 129, entry level raised to level 40 or higher. No current vacancies.
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