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Help with 5* citation

Lucas ConchLucas Conch ✭✭
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I just got a 5* citation from the Campaign, but I’m not sure who to use it on...other than that I want it to be a current 4/5 character. I’d welcome your suggestions and reasoning.

Here are the candidates:
• Ahdar Ru’afo
• Bell Riots Bashir
• Covert Operative Leland
• Kol of House Kor
• Minuet
• Surak

If somebody could give me a good enough reason, I might also consider giving it to a 3/5...
• Etana Jol
• Prisoner Katrina Cornwell
• T’Kuvma


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    [7TW] UnkieB[7TW] UnkieB ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Of those you listed I'd go for Ru'afo, Bashir or Surak. Of course without knowing your current roster it's hard to get too specific, but any of those will be good workhorses for both voyages and shuttles. Kol's decent too if you really need SEC, but I'd consider the others first.
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    Average GuyAverage Guy ✭✭✭✭
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    If your crew isn't very strong (ie only a few or less 5/5) you would benefit more from citing up 4 of those characters to 5/5 rather than citing up a character from 1/5 that will take 4 months to reach 5/5. The greatest jump is from 4/5 to 5/5 as far as stats go. Each of those 5/5s will extend your voyages more and give you better faction and galaxy results and improve your crew faster than a second star on a 5*.

    You need some characters that can kick in some teeth and that's where the good 5/5s will help your crew development. Once you have at least one beast per primary skill, then you can look at balancing out crew needs by upgrading 3/5 or lower cards. In my opinion, the more 5/5s you have the better and you can build depth later.
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    Synthetic CommanderSynthetic Commander ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Totally agree with recommendations for either Ruafo, Bashir, Cornwell or Surak. With how few legends you have fused so far, you need both Bashir and Cornwell so the sequence is not that important unless a bashir event comes up.

    I'd suggest holding onto at least 50k honor until the next mega event starts and you see the recurring legendary's stats, both to determine if you want to select that crew first or if they fill a hole in your crew that will help you decide which of these recommendations to fuse first.
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    LaastQnicornLaastQnicorn ✭✭
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    If your citation is from the campaign track and you plan to purchase that again this month, then finishing one of your 3/5s becomes achievable within a predictable timeframe. So an extra factor is how patient you are prepared to be. Sometimes you might want to prioritise having the better stats now and hoping to build up more honour faster, and that's not necessarily a bad choice.

    I just cited my Admiral Cornball a couple of days ago, but she was at 4/5 already for me. (I chose her over my 4/5 Rufio, Thraximilie and Eternal Joy, to give you some idea of where I rate her.) Her MED and DIP are both just beastly - she basically has two primaries, plus a little SEC that can help get her a seat on voyages even into the long term.

    Edit: I should say that I'd already FFed Surak by that point, and have never regretted that either. He's also a nice choice.
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    5000 Quatloos5000 Quatloos ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Pretty much agree with all of the above, but I would tilt towards Ahdar. You'll use him alot more in daily shuttles as power base ENG are harder to find, and then again in Voyages. Bell Riots and Katrina are solid choices too but MED shows up less often, so marginally lower utility. All would be great for voyages. Surak is fine but SCI voyage power is easier to come by, Ahdar is best mix IMHO of rarity + utility.
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    Thx UnkieB, that’s the kind of input I was hoping for. Of the ones you mention, I’d probably pick Ru’afo, as (even though I don’t like him!) he hits two areas I’m low in among non-frozen characters—ENG and SCI—whereas the others only hit one. Anybody else like to comment?
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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    It depends too much on your other crew ... do you really have to spend it on a 4/5? Why not start citing up a strong 1/5?

    In a vacuum Surak would be my choice ... he has the highest voyage total of your 4/5s listed and has a decent base for his primary skill if not on a voyage.

    Ru'afo has the highest ENG base of any crew ... but his voyage totals are not as great and Surak's SCI / CMD is better than Ru'afo's combo (though Spock will be the next campaign 5*, so you might be doubling up there a bit if you decided to buy the premium track).

    Bashir is good for events, but I think Cornwell is better overall, so would add a star to her before completing Bashir.

    But again, difficult to say more than the standard stuff above without knowing more.
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    IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Cornwell is a good option she has good enough bases in both Med and Dip, Her voyage score is very high also, personally I have found her to be the most integral and useful crew post her mega event thus far.
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    Thx Average—I have only two FF 5* at present (Agent Janeway and Mirror JLP), which is why I’d prefer to FF a 4/5 than simply add another star to a 3/5. I’m still not sure, though...thinking I might need to just hold on to it for a while.
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    Ru’afo, Darth Bashir, or Surak are your best bets, depending on which area you’re lacking the most.
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