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Everlong is now recruiting! Join now !!

Major ZushieMajor Zushie ✭✭
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Everlong is now recruiting!

We are a fleet with a level 92 starbase who have been working together for many years.

We might not be one of the giants of the game, but we rank in the low hundreds every event and have an experienced crew who can assist with all aspects of the game.
So if you want to learn the best strategy for you to rank the highest you can or if you just want a place to play the game with no pressure, this is the place for you. There are squads for all experience levels.

We achieve daily goals so you can look forward to a steady honor income with extra chrons.

We don't have a discord, but the fleet is active in chat if you want to join in, whether it's about the game, the series or just saying hi.

All we ask is:
You donate to the starbase as much as you can so we can catch up to those lv110+ fleets!
You add our fleet tag to your in game name
You are lv30 or above
You are respectful of others

If you think you'd be a good fit but aren't quite lv30 yet, drop me a reply or PM and we can discuss. Otherwise search for Everlong in the fleet menu to apply.


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    Great job on the starbase.
    What’s your event ranking egpzmiu9lqql.png
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    Our last event ranking was 374 out of the (I think it was 10,000ish fleets) that participated in the event.
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    Little update:
    Starbase is now lv 98
    You can also contact me, TADIR [EVE], or Valkyra(eve) in game to discuss if Zushie is unavailable
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