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Is it just me or does it not work half the time? I just lost a voyage cause it would not let me recall it. So frustrated!
Jack Mitchell


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    wow have had to restart at least a dozen times today
    Jack Mitchell
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    MiT SanoaMiT Sanoa ✭✭✭✭✭
    FB Gameroom is 100% useless. Uninstall is the only good option. On the PC I use Bluestacks (Android emulator) instead. It runs stable and with the additional benefit of having ads even when they are broken on my mobile which unfortunately often is the case.
    Wir, die Mirror Tribbles [MiT] haben freie Plätze zu vergeben. Kein Zwang und kein Stress, dafür aber Spaß, Discord und eine nette, hilfsbereite Gemeinschaft, incl. voll ausgebauter Starbase und täglich 700 ISM.
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