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Wolf 359 Memorial Fleet is accepting new recruits, 6 openings

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Wolf 359 Memorial Fleet is accepting new recruits, looking for active/regular players that enjoy playing the game, but don't want the pressure, additional responsibilities or requirements of bigger fleets. Our focus is on having fun and enjoying being part of the fleet.

Here are the current Starbase stats:
-Our Star base level is 111
*Core skills:
• Astrometrics - Sci.= + 9%
• Main engineering - Eng. = + 9%
• Observation Lounge - Dip. = + 8%
• Ops - Com. = + 7%
• Armory - Sec. = + 8%
• Sick Bay - Med. = + 8%

*Skill Proficiency (useful for gauntlet):
• Airponics Bay - Sci. = + 8%
• Computer Core - Eng. = + 8%
• Promenade - Dip. = + 8%
• Communications Array - Com. = + 8%
• Deflector Array - Sec. = + 8%
• Counselor's Office - Med. = + 8%

• Transporter Room - Max Chronitons = + 50
• Industrial Replicator - Replicator Uses = +3
• Mess Hall - Replicator Credit Cost = -10%

-A place to receive advice about the game.
-Have fun.

-Being active/regular player .
-Join a squad and participate in the events.
-Contribute to the starbase building - the useful feature of being in a fleet. This will also help you in leveling your character as well as being competitive in gauntlet matches.
-Have obtained at least level 30.
-We appreciate if you use a name other than simply Captain. With our fleet designation of [Wolf 359] at the beginning of your name.

Just click on the fleet icon in the game and search for Wolf 359 Memorial Fleet.
Starfleet Commission: August 12, 2017


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    I lead a squadron in another fleet and 3, perhaps 4 (or 5!) of us are shopping for better. 3 of us are above level 60, another just hit 40, jumping 10 levels in just 2 weeks in my squadron :-) Three of us are TOSsers (lol if you're British,) one TNG, the 2 "maybes" don't speak so no one really knows but play daily (okay, one tends to do a few days of marathon playing and sit out m-f, but is solid as hell in that 2/3-day span.)

    We're grownups with different levels of addiction, conversation, and play time.
    The decision to search for a new home comes after requesting, after a year, promotion to Officer as a number of times starbase upgrades have been left unstarted (there are only 2 officers plus the Admiral.) My request was made on the public forum and not responded to except by other 'regular' players (who were encouraging.) (although someone eventually clicked the Upgrade button...)

    My crew and I would like to be in a well-run fleet with decent folk. I don't care about being an officer but we would like to keep our squadron together.; it's taken a long time to have zero zeroes... I'm happy to share more details/info via private message and hoping we sound like good candidates for your fleet.

    Thank you for your consideration,
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    SvenLundgrenSvenLundgren ✭✭✭✭
    Please bring your squad!
    Starfleet Commission: August 12, 2017
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