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Suggestion for Crew Trading and Honor Pulls for VIP Levels

I have been thinking of ways to allow for crew trading. I understand the dynamics of this game and why under normal conditions it would not exist as some could create feeder accounts and then send crew to themselves. However, I believe there is a way that DB could allow crew trading without negative impacts and it can be done by using VIP level. For those that spend money on the game, they could at certain VIP level get a token to allow trading. Perhaps at level 5 get 1 4* token and at 10 a 5* token maybe a 4* Honor pull and at a newly created VIP level 15 where you can get 2 5* tokens as well as maybe a Honor Hall legendary pull or some such deal.

I think that can go a long ways to helping ppl reach a goal and trade needed or unwanted 5* that someone else in the fleet is really trying for.

Thanks for listening.


  • MirrorVerse JcMirrorVerse Jc ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019
    I had been thinking of a way to trade airlocked crew for a long time. I thought maybe simply, create a waiting room in the starbase where airlocked crew from other fleet members would end up after the initial reinstate timeframe expires. and then allow fleet members to purchase them for the amt of honor that is given when Dismissed. Possibly called “re-assignment office”.
    However, the honor system needs to be overhauled since the amt of dismissal honor is ridiculous compared to the amt of purchases in the honor hall. And i suspect DB would increase the honor exchange rate for being able to purchase a specific wanted crew if any such waiting room that may be created.
    I am unsure about a bonus to a VIP lvl to dictate the process. Maybe a cpt lvl or starbase lvl, or combo of the two lvl to unlock the room. Such as SB must be lvl 50, to unlock room, and cpt lvl unlocks ability to use the room. There are lots of f2p entire fleets that would be left out. Those fleets likely dont have too many 5* to airlock anyway. This would keep them from trading 3* or 4* crew. But i do see your point about “trading” 5* crew could be a sticky subject.
  • PinkyfirstPinkyfirst ✭✭✭
    Trading 5* crew is a sticky subject. It shouldn't be something that can just be done without any requirements. I do like the idea of the waiting room in the starbase where dismissed crew can be obtained for the amount of honor they were dismissed for. The current honor to citation rate is absurd considering how many legendary crew there are. I know the initial point made about honor is that it is suppose to be a slow accumulation process...but the honor "debt" so many players have is just ridiculous. Not all of us can throw hundreds of dollars at this game to immortalize crew that typically end up having limited/specific use. I think if they went with a captain level it would also make this accessible from f2p to whales and everything in between. However, I think the only crew that should go to this room are the legendary crew. Super rare crew are significantly easier to immortalize and many end up going straight to the freezer for a lot of players, and rare down to common are not much of a task. I currently have about 35 legendary crew I would gladly forfeit to my starbase's waiting room so members of my fleet could benefit, even if it meant forfeiting the paltry 550 honor so that the crew could go there, I would still do it.
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