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Shan's PSA: I will be unavailable from 08/13 until 08/22 included.

•• Be kind to each other and to all WRG Staff :) ••

While regular communications will happen in my absence please understand there might be delays.

For an issue in game please submit a ticket to support and, if you feel it is needed, post in the relevant category (Engineering Room) Thank you, take care of each other, and see you soon! ˜Shan <3

July Campaign Announcement!

Greetings, Captains!

A reminder that the current Campaign will end on Thursday, July 11 at 12:59am ET (04:59 UTC)! You still have one week to participate and win some great rewards, including crew.

As you may know, one of the most anticipated Star Trek events of the year is happening later this month: Star Trek Las Vegas will take place from Wednesday, July 31 to Sunday, August 4.

With “Sin City” in mind, our July Campaign will feature two casino denizens from DS9: Waitress Ezri 4* for the Standard Rewards track and High Roller Sisko 5* for the Premium Rewards track (at tiers 20, 40, 60 and 80).

This campaign will start on Thursday, July 11 at 1am ET (05:00 UTC) and end on Thursday, August 08 at 12:59am ET (04:59 UTC)!

Please note that the Premium Reward Track for a specific Campaign can be purchased at any time during that Campaign, up until the very end – and even once the Campaign has ended! If you decide to unlock the Premium Reward Track after already unlocking regular Tiers of rewards, you will retroactively receive all of the Premium Rewards for those Tiers.


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