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Born in hell and bound by BLOOD. Our fleet will not stop until we REIGN. Come join the metal mayhem

Level 66 Fleet looking for active players to talk some metal and pound our enemies into a fine red pulp. Give me a HELL YEAH with your username and you’ll receive an invite to join the madness


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    Yeah you should definitely come hang with us. We are on the rise, and looking to find players who would rather help a fleet achieve greatness rather than join a fleet that’s already at the top of the game. This way seems more fun. Help us grow. Help us slay. Come get to know us and we can REIGN (in blood, of course)
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    Still no love? You guys must all be listening to Taylor Swift or something... We don’t bite, and I’m the most annoying one in the fleet. Everybody else is pretty cool. We even have a bald guy named Kevin! Come check it out! 😉
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