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Possibility to configure defence in arena

I haven’t found similar topic, so I’m starting this one. If there’s already a thread discussing such possibility I’m sorry for duplicating.

I think it would be nice to provide the possibility of configuring activation times for crew/ship actions while a ship is on defence. What we have know is (from the wiki) this:

“When your ship is attacked in the Arena, the Ship Battle Artificial Intelligence (AI) pilots your ship for you. The AI will attempt to use combinations of crew, plus the ship abilities, in a way that simulates an effective human being using the ship”

But honestly I can’t call the way it is done now as “effective”. Abilities are activated most of the time just when they’re ready without delaying. Crew with charging phases don’t use those phases. For example, Degra always activates at 0 sec effectively wasting his instant damage ability (150% damage at 0 sec? Really? Cmon guys, an effective human being doesn’t do such nonsense)

So the idea is to make players being able to specify when and what to activate during the battle when they’re attacked. If the ability has activation time X sec, it could be left as X or delayed for whatever Y seconds player wishes. It would also bring more competitiveness, as now it’s easy to know when opponent’s ship and crew will fire their abilities, so it’s easy to counter them.


  • MiT SanoaMiT Sanoa ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2019
    I am ambivalent. On one hand I like the idea for myself of course. On the other hand I make use of the laziness of others a lot while I use to change my team manually. If it was easy like you suggest everyone would do it and ranking up quickly would be more difficult than it is now.

    /edit: Regarding customization: I am not a fan as it would make offensive fights even more unforeseeable than they are already with RNG results. What I could imagine is a fixed defence team but... see above.
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  • PinkyfirstPinkyfirst ✭✭✭
    I like the idea and it would help individuals keep their positions better, but honestly, I would rather see the effort and programming put into a more comprehensive overhaul of the arena. Perhaps end the essentially set in stone configurations of ships crew in Commander and Captain, and a very small selection in Admiral. Realistically, if you have the popular ships and crew, it's fairly easy to stay within the top 1500 in each division even with the poor AI defending for you.
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