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Captain P (ESB)Captain P (ESB) ✭✭✭
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Hello Captains,

If you are looking for a fleet to join that allows you to just enjoy playing look for E Street Band.

If you are a regular player and like to join one of our squadrons, please come and join us.


  • You're the Boss ! Greetings fellow trek. i like the sound of your fleet. i would like to know if i can come visit your fleet for part 2 of mega event, please. i am quai chang .... kane .
  • As we have openings you are welcome.

    By the way the idea of naming the fleet E Street Band, is not from me, but from our previous Admiral, Bruce Springsteen. So that explains.
  • Great : } i will look you guys up on monday.
  • Hello, our fleet E Street Band is still looking for new Captains. If you are a regular player, join one of our squadrons.
  • Are you a regular player, who wants to get our fleet up to and over level 100. Join one of our squadrons now.
  • If you want to help our fleet to work up to gain the 100 mark at our Starbase, please join.

    Although named E Street Band, it is not required to like Bruce Springsteen. It helps, as my predecessor, who founded this fleet, was named Bruce Springsteen.
  • Up to Starbase level 97 and still looking for active players.
  • We've reached Starbase level 99. And still are looking for active players.
  • Hey, if you are willing to play up from level 100 to the top, by playing regular and helping your Squadron and Fleet to get to a higher level, join Fleet E Street Band.
  • We are still looking for regular players, who want to join one of our Squadrons to get higher up the ranks.
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