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Unnatural Selections Recruiting - Star Base 134 - Multiple Top 10 Finishes

Unnatural Selections has been around for over 2 years. More than half the members have been with us since inception. We are a friendly, social, and happy to answer question. The few trolls we run into last as long as it takes for one of the officers to give them the boot.

Starbase 134

Fleet Rules
Event Minimum 20000 (previous performance and seniority taken into consideration)
Last online 72hrs = Airlock
Fleet takes event off every so often
If you're on vacation or just need a little time you can message Ace or your officer.

Ideally looking for a captain who can
Finish Top 1500 once a month
Finish 1500-10000 weekly
NO minimum VIP or Level
If you're climbing the ladder and TRY Hard, but can't hit this we are happy to bring you along and get you there.


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