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Greetings, Captains!

Star Trek Day, which will be celebrated this Sunday, September 8, is the perfect occasion for some gifts, a sale, and some Elusive Treasures!

Let’s start with the gifts:

- A free Solar Sails Sisko will be available for everyone as a special pack, around noon ET (16:00 UTC) head over to the Time Portal to claim it.

- What goes well with a free crew? How about 5 free crew slots for everyone? Yes, we made it so, and this brings the base total to 100!

We’ve also added 5 more tiers of purchasable crew slots for a total of 78 purchasable tiers.

Now on to our Crew Slots and Dabo Wheel Sale. Until Monday, September 9, around 2 pm (18:00 UTC), all crew slot tiers and all Dabo Wheel spins will be 50% off!

All the above aligns perfectly for the return of our players favorite packs: Elusive Treasures will be back today around noon ET (16:00 UTC)!
You have until Monday, September 9, at 2 pm ET (18:00 UTC) to score some limited-time crew not yet available in our regular premium packs.

Each 10-pack offers 10 Beholds for a Super Rare or Legendary crew, and guarantees at least one Legendary Limited-Time crew among those listed below.

Happy Star Trek day, and thank you for playing!


Acting Captain Jellico
Amanda Rogers
Bartender Tuvok
Beloved Annorax
Captain Harry Kim
Chef Riker
Commodore Matt Decker
Conditioned La Forge
Decoy Kira
Delta Flyer Torres
Determined Janeway
Diversion Yates
Doctor Ann Mulhall
Dr. Katherine Pulaski
Dr. Pollard
Frederick La Rouque
Fungal Entity May
Fury Kes
Galaxy Gallivanting Vash
Gladiator Spock
Grateful Lwaxana
Honored Owosekun
Human Torres
Imprinted Archer
Ishara Yar
Jett Reno
Krenim Guest Paris
Leah Brahms
Lt. Commander Uhura
Lt. JG Palmer
Merry Men Troi
Mirror Ellen Landry
Mountain Climber Mayweather
Natima Lang
Q as "God"
Queen Po
Redjac Jaris
Resilient Tuvok
Rura Penthe Commandant
Saboteur Garak
Science Officer Spock
Tactical Officer Neelix
The Bashirs
Tourist Tucker
UFP President Ra-ghoratreii
Usurper Lorca
White Rabbit
Wrathful Kirk

Buck Bokai
Captive Bashir
Data Q
Desert T'Pol
Desperate Riker
Evil Kirk
Fugitive Spock
Grathon Tolar
Indignant Seven
Keyla Detmer
Miss Q
One Zero
Prison Break Lorca
Q Junior
Resolute Chakotay
Riker Q
Taresian Kim
Test Pilot Archer
Tholian Prisoner
Young T'Pau
Zahl Ambassador
Zero One
Manager of Player Experience
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